we are

who we are

The organization

The Soluna
brand will be managed globally by TopStar,
a co-venture between
Star Fruits (France)
and TopFruit
(South Africa).

Two leading family businesses working together in fruit variety development, created specifically to bring Soluna to market.

TopStar also works hand in hand with Australian license holder Fruit West and marketers WA Farm Direct to ensure a coherent global strategy for the development and commercialization of the Soluna brand. Read on to learn all about us.

How we work

We are building this brand together for the benefit of all. We select partners and structure our business operations to reflect our commitment to responsible business practices, fairness and transparency.

Building a sustainable business model

This engagement positions the brand for sustained growth.

It is important for us that all stakeholders integrate corporate social responsibility into their own businesses. All Soluna stakeholders will adhere to our corporate social responsibility policy which focuses on fair labour practices and upliftment of workers and the immediate community, and environmental protection (including conservation of natural resources).

  • As licensors, we work to increase value for all the companies/stakeholders in the chain so that all earn a profit while acting responsibly toward the planet, its people and the communities we operate in
  • Our commercial activities are rooted in the principles of fairness and responsibility
  • We are creating a sustainable model that ensures value is distributed equitably, generating positive impacts from our activities at the community level.
  • We focus on a consistently high-quality product to meet the demands of the market. To do this, we will:

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  • Set quality specifications for the apples and manage them to ensure strict adherence to these specifications for any apples sold under the Soluna name
  • Carry out inspections to ensure all packhouses adhere to the quality specifications
  • Conduct research to support our producers and partners where needed
  • We will develop and share best practices to support our Corporate Social Responsibility commitments
  • We will pool investments & resources for technical development and marketing plans

What do we stand for?

Ethics are in our DNA. The core of our brand DNA is founded on sound business ethics, responsible agricultural and business practices, and the creation of authentic value. These are non-negotiable values that will help build an enduringly positive brand.

  • We work with international and local partners to implement strategic orientations and marketing investments on a fair, equitable basis. We select partners who are like-minded and already aligned with technical as well as corporate social responsibility standards required by the brand.
  • We seek to sustain growers, resources and communities by promoting farming practices that are profitable, environmentally sound, and good for communities. We provide intellectual property management, technical assistance, and quality parameters so that value can be returned to the supply chain.

and vision


To create and bring to market a new apple brand that will grow the category and support its global production around the world.


We strive to be innovators in fruit production, distribution and marketing in order to leave the world in a better place than we found it.

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The Soluna

We’re all
looking for
something real.

Authentic experiences. Genuine relationships. A way to live our best lives.
We’re all looking for something that is as beautiful on the inside as it is on the outside. Something delicious. Something natural.
Something stunning, with real substance.

We know it’s time to think differently. Time to dream. To value experiences over accumulation. To become better consumers. To care about the people and places who make the things we buy.

Most of all, we know it’s time to bring a new consciousness to the choices we make. Introducing an apple for the way we want to live our lives. Elegant yet natural. Beautiful yet wholesome. Iconic yet responsible. It’s time for an apple that is authentically beautiful, naturally.