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We’re all looking for something special. Looking for something authentic. An everyday indulgence that makes the ordinary, extraordinary !

Something real

Introducing Soluna™, stunning inside and out.

Something real

Introducing Soluna™, stunning inside and out.

The Difference
is Night and Day

From Soluna™’s deep, dark-burgundy skin to its creamy yet crisp white flesh – it takes just one bite to discover that real beauty is more than skin-deep.

Make the
Ordinary Special

From kids’ lunches to elegant fruit platters, Soluna™’s explosive balance of sweet and tangy, healthy flavonoids and super slow oxidization (it just does not turn brown) elevates every experience. Bite into a Soluna™ and taste what we mean by stunning with substance.

Discover the taste of something real !

Real beauty is more
than skin-deep



Seven great
reasons to
love Soluna™

  • An explosion of flavour

    Soluna™’s taste packs a tangy punch balanced by pleasing sweetness.

  • It’s a

    Soluna™’s deep, dark-burgundy colour gives the apple its striking good looks.

  • Stunning on the inside

    Inside, the creamy yet crunchy white flesh of Soluna™ provides a dazzling and delicious contrast to its dark burgundy skin.

  • Say goodbye to brown

    High flavonoid content means Soluna™ doesn’t brown like other apples.

  • Packed full
    of goodness

    Soluna™ is packed full of vitamins, fibre and health-promoting flavonoids. In fact, research shows it has higher flavonoid concentrations than any other apple on the market today.

  • Stays fresher longer

    Some apples are fragile and don’t keep well. SolunaTM has excellent natural storage potential and stays fresher longer at home.

  • Responsible,

    We’re building a sustainable business model. We work together with our growers and partners. We produce Soluna™ locally and promote low-impact farming practices and responsible business practices that have positive impacts for workers, communities and the planet.

Where to

Soluna™ apples are currently available from select stockists in Hong Kong, Dubai, Singapore, Malaysia, Indonesia, Thailand and the Philippines.

Where to find


Soluna™ apples
are in season from May to December.