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Something delicious. Something healthy. Something authentic. Something out of the ordinary. An everyday indulgence that makes them feel good and is good for them. They are all looking for SOMETHING REAL, and that something is Soluna.

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Our market research shows that Millennial consumers, who will make up the largest segment of our buyers moving forward, simply do not accept any trade-off between the quality and the impact of how a product is produced and marketed.

Soluna’s story, quality, and responsible practices align perfectly with this new premium positioning.

Soluna’s combination of striking looks, great taste, slow oxidation, health benefits, long shelf life, responsible production, and a unique brand awareness-building approach will make it an innovative leader in the premium branded apple category.

Stunning with Substance

Soluna is a stunner, but good looks and great taste are only a small part of what makes Soluna stunning with substance.
Here is the full story.

Striking good looks

Soluna’s deep, dark-burgundy colour gives the apple its striking good looks.

Creamy white flesh

Inside, Soluna’s creamy yet crisp white flesh provides a dazzling and delightful contrast.

Explosive taste

Soluna’s taste packs a punch with juicy bright acidity balanced by pleasing sweetness (ranked #1 best-tasting apple by Australian consumers in 2019 and #1 in purchase to preference conversion in 2022).

Slow to oxidize

Due to its high flavonoid content, Soluna does not brown like other apples, making it the perfect apple for school lunches all the way to fancy fruit platters.

Part of a healthy lifestyle

Soluna is packed full of vitamins, fibre and health-promoting flavonoids. In fact, research shows it has higher flavonoid concentrations than any other apple on the market today.

Only the best, naturally

The ANABP 01 variety is the result of a natural crossing of Gala and Cripps Red (Sundowner® / Joya®), capturing the best of both parents. And only the highest quality fruit are selected to carry the Soluna name.


Some apples are fragile and don’t keep well. Soluna has excellent natural storage potential and will stay fresher longer at home.

Produced responsibly

We work with our growers and partners to promote farming practices that are sustainable for growers, environmentally friendly, and good for communities.

Active brand support

The TopStar team will manage the marketing development of the brand across all markets with a unique toolkit of strategies, tactics and storytelling to set Soluna apart from other premium brands.

  • A Star 
    is born

    In 1992, legendary apple breeder John Cripps begins development in Western Australia on ANABP 01, a new burgundy-coloured apple, as a part of the Western Australian Government breeding program.

  • Extraordinary

    In 2014, the apple was released for trials in Australian orchards. The results were spectacular – leading more and more growers to cultivate this extraordinary apple. There now are over 90 growers across Australia.

  • Bringing SolunaTM
    to the world

    In 2022, TopStar will start bringing SolunaTM apples to the world with brand launches in key markets and supply development initiatives to support its rollout around the globe over the next seven years.

An overnight success thirty years in the making

Soluna marks
the birth of
a new category of
dark-coloured apples.

Soluna is the end product of more than 30 years of work to develop this stunning new premium apple which is being launched to the world in 2022.

Beginning with a research project conducted by the Department of Primary Industries and Regional Development (DPIRD) in Western Australia under the name ANABP 01 in 1992, the variety was developed by renowned apple breeder John Cripps.

Cripps was also responsible for the development of the incredibly popular Cripps Pink (Pink Lady®) and Cripps Red (Sundowner® / Joya®) apples as part of the WA Government’s breeding program. Currently, there are more than 90 growers producing the variety in Australia.

While Fruit West (a cooperative of Western Australian growers) will grow ANABP 01 apples and WA Farm Direct, a leading fresh fruit supplier, will sell Soluna in selected export markets, TopStar, a joint venture between TopFruit (South Africa) and Star Fruits (France), two leading family businesses working together in fruit variety development, is set to bring Soluna to the world.

The Soluna™ story

Derived from sun and moon and inspired by the striking dark-burgundy of the apple’s skin and creamy white flesh.

The Soluna brand is the product of nearly a year of strategic development.

The name was extensively consumer tested, and its three-syllable structure proved easy to say and remember for audiences worldwide.

The name perfectly captures the dramatic tension between light and dark and expresses a duality that is more than just the sum of its parts.

Soluna expresses the juxtaposition and complementarity of this exceptional apple – from the different hues present in the skin and the creamy white flesh to the explosive taste, health benefits, non-oxidative properties and other qualities unique to Soluna.

The Soluna brand embodies the commitment of the growers to carry forward the brand strategy, the high-quality standards of the apple, the responsible supply chain practices, and ensure that this apple becomes one of the top branded apples on the global market.